Composite poliuretano

The different polyurethane formulas are combined with all kinds of structural strengthening (fibreglass, carbon, metal, etc.). This transformation is carried out under the moulding technique, which can be done using moulds of various materials depending on the geometry of the part, production volume and other factors.

Polyester resins and epoxy are also used for applications that require it. We take part in projects that include metal part sets mainly cut by laser.

Polyurethane and composite: Polyurethane is a thermosetting polymer which can take on a wide range of mechanical properties depending on the needs of the product, in terms of hardness, lightness, bending, thermal or dielectric insulation and density. There is the possibility of combining several types of polyurethane compositions and strengthening in a single part, while providing the ideal properties for the product in every case. This results in what is called a composite.

A composite is a combination of several materials whose performance increases the performance provided by each of them separately. There are different types of polyurethane. Depending on technical and economic needs, there is a more suitable polyurethane type. In addition to its suitability for manufacturing parts aimed at countless sectors such as aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, street furniture, decoration, sanitation etc., polyurethane is ideal for verifying the design prior to a long production run, for presenting prototypes and for short and medium-term mass production.

Structural polyurethane: High density, compact, rigid with very good performance against chemical and atmospheric agents.

Rigid polyurethane foam: A wide range of densities, rigid with very good performance against chemical and atmospheric agents. Good thermal insulation properties.

Flexible polyurethane: Production in different densities, versatile for different applications.

Integral polyurethane: Production in different densities and flexible, with a very strong smooth outer surface.

Polyurethane elastomer: High density, production in different hardnesses, excellent performance against abrasion, good resistance against chemical and atmospheric agents.

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